‘Diegon displays, versatile and flexible’

‘Whenever movement matters’

AP90 Display Controller

  • Display for position and speed
  • Cam controller
  • Signal converter
  • Difference measurement and monitoring

The uC controlled AP90-XXX has interfaces for several sensors. The unit has two sensorinputs fot incremental and/or SSI sensors. Position as well as speed can be displayed. Switching points or preset can be set for both. Front buttons or the DST40 programming tool can be used for setting up.

Discription Data
Supply voltage 10 - 35V DC
Frontsize 144 x 72 mm
Display 8 digits, 14 mm
Sensorinput 2x Incremental and/or SSI
digital inputs 8
Analog output 16
Analog output 1 (optional)
Communicatie RS232, RS422/485, CANbus