‘Diegon displays, versatile and flexible’

‘Whenever movement matters’


Diegon and its products find their origin in economic demand. With a wide variety of equipment in the field of position- and angle measuring as well as motion control, our subsidiary TSB BESCOM lacked a number of crucial products to complete their assortment.

TSB have decided to manufacture these products themselves as the technical know-how has been present within their company for years.
At this moment Diegon supplies several displays and accessories. In the future, other products may be added to this supply, products which are the result of in-house development and manufacturing.

All displays of Diegon are high-tech devices, ranging from simple displays for process values to more sophisticated ones, like real-time signal converters and fast cam controllers. The powerful micro-controller makes all displays function. The products have been continually developed for many years and their functionality satisfies the demands of today’s customers.

Displays can be applied in several ways and for diverse usage with different functionalities among which:
  • display for position and speed
  • preset counter
  • signal converter
  • speed monitor
  • cam controller
  • limit controller
  • process timing 1/f