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Diegon offers the solution to replacing Petherick encoders

/mysite/modules/SFIL0100/view.php?fil_Id=78 For many encoders with Petherick output there is no replacement encoder available anymore. Because modern encoders don’t use the Petherick signal, one might easily conclude that it is necessary to replace the system or update it extensively. Diegon offers an easier, faster and more economical solution. Diegon’s AP80 display controller offers the possibility to convert encoder signals to BCD, Petherick or Gray output signals.

In principle, this system is rather simple. The old encoder is replaced by a SSI encoder with a flange. Usually this will be a multiturn encoder, but in some cases this might be a singleturn encoder. The encoders is connected to the AP80. The Diegon AP80 reads the postion of the encoder and converts it to a Torwegge Petherick/Gray output signal. This signal is transferred to the PLC.
Both the encoder and the flange, the Diegon AP80 and the wiring can be supplied by  tsb-bescom, official distributor of Diegon.